Audio: Ronin VII x Jrue – Take My Time


New material from Ronin VII and Jrue, entitled “Take My Time”. Produced by LAKIM.

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Ricky Hil – Lost Limos 5

Music Thievery Laid Bare : When Pirates Rip Off Working Class Artists : Guest Post by David Cloyd

The Trichordist

The naked truth of how music piracy hurts working class artists

Let’s face it. “Piracy” is a loaded word. As Captain Phillips played in theatres last fall, the word “pirate” found itself in a very different context than it did right after any of the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies. Real-life pirates aren’t funny, quirky, eccentric characters based on Keith Richards. They’re terrifying criminals with a desperate bottom line. And while a lot of people may enjoy dressing up as Captain Jack Sparrow for Halloween, nobody wants to be mistaken for an actual Somali pirate.

So maybe it’s time we all took a second look at “music piracy.”

Defined typically as an act of robbery or criminal violence at sea, “piracy” was initially used as slang for copyright infringement because the “pirates” in question were trying to profit from the crime by reselling the product. As the recording industry evolved…

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Brand New Album “L.O.V.E.” from Isidro!

Brand New Album “L.O.V.E.” from Isidro!

Amazing new album from local Sacramento hip hop artist Isidro (Vince Sliva). Watch out for this upcoming mastermind!

Download and listen to the album for free at:


Brand New EP “Feel The Love” from Cosmic Zebra!

Brand New EP “Feel The Love” from Cosmic Zebra!

Cosmic Zebra is Alan & Diego Garcia, 18 and 20 year old brothers hailing from Mexico with a taste for bangin’ midtempo.

On Feel The Love EP, they team up with vocalist Jeremy Strickland and deliver an EP of edgy melodic funk like you’ve never heard before.

Music Is Everything Around Us


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